Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The beauty of capitalism

Never Done: I went to Ikea

And everything's so pretty! From a new experiences point of view, this one was such a very long time coming. I had no idea it was so big that there would be arrows on the floor to keep us all going in some semblance of order through the store. And in fact, this week's mide (middah) is Order: All actions and possessions shall have a set place and time. But does my trip to Ikea have anything at all to do with the ethical considerations of order? Yes, because if I were a person who buys and buys and buys, then my actions would be out of order. And in fact, I am a person who has a hard time buying some basics -- like clothes -- and so I end up wearing the same two t-shirts for literally years until they wear out. They are currently wearing out -- the black one has holes in the front, and the white one has yellow underarm stains. I haven't found the time to replace them. I spoke with a friend on the phone the other day who just came home from Jazz Fest, and reported that she danced and sweat so much that the tie-dyed clothes she was wearing bled onto several of her white T-shirts. My private reaction to this was, "You have more than one white T-shirt?"

My friends who shop all offer to go with me, and I think I might need that, but I also don't want to take them up on their offers because I think it means we'll have to stay in stores long enough to find clothes that fit me, and I just don't enjoy being in stores that much. Trying clothes on annoys me. On with the pants. Off with the pants. Which shirt do you need to look at this pair of pants? Which shirt do you need to look at that pair of pants? And in the end, I end up with one pair of jeans and a and two t-shirts at a time, and then an assortment of skirts with the same two shirts to go with them, and then an assortment of pretty shirts that go with nothing else I own.

I'm not saying it's unethical to not own enough clothes, but it is unbalanced. But you know what isn't unbalanced? My ability to appreciate beauty, and to figure out a way to enjoy being inside a a warehouse full of capitalism. Who knew that Ikea is one of the best museums in the city? Donation only! And you can take photos! Check it:


  1. Did you go outside to see the beauty there? I am into those lounge chairs with their own tables and lamps. Now I just need to make time to sit in them.

  2. Wait, what? No! I was actually picking up some film footage in Red Hook and got lost and found myself at Ikea. I only had about 25 minutes, so I just went in. I didn't know there was anything cool outside! Next time!

  3. And if you ever get a chance to eat there... yum! It can be hit or miss, but there are some tasty items there. In Portland you can sit and eat chicken fried-things (nuggets?) and salad and watch the planes land -- a fun afternoon for sure.

  4. I was all excited about the free food samples, but there weren't any! Maybe they save that for busy weekends, not slow mid-days.