Friday, May 27, 2011

I wrote a Yelp review

Never Done: I wrote a (positive) Yelp review

I went into Jackrabbit Sports in Park Slope to see if they would consider taking back some running shoes that, when I went to my sports doctor to see why my feet hurt while running, she pointed out had stiffer soles than my former pair. I asked even though 1) it's way past their return window and 2) I have worn them out running enough times to know that they hurt my feet. So I didn't actually expect Jackrabbit to take them back, but I thought it might be possible, and so I asked.

Long story short, they did. But not before they tried to make me feel guilty for even asking, and they tried to pull some strange passive aggressive shit like, "Come back with your physical therapist, because if you're going to trust her over us, then she should come in and tell you what shoes to buy." Normally that would have incensed me -- first of all, because I told him my doctor is a sports phsyiologist -- an MD -- not a PT, and he reduced her. (Not that I think PT's are any less wonderful than MD's, but come on, the woman went through medical school -- can we give her credit for that?) Second of all, he was pulling a power play, and I don't usually react well when men pull power plays. (Who does?)

But this time I did. I saw that he was doing me a giant favor -- probably because I've been spending a significant amount of money in his store. I also saw that he wanted some credit for doing me a giant favor. In fact, he went so far as to say "Write a Yelp review." To which I responded, "OK, I will." And he said, "No you won't. They never do."

But I did.

And I even left out all the negative things I could have said (including all the times I've been treated like I'm invisible and sub-athletic when I've gone in there, including that time years ago that made me stop going there because they were so rude and dismissive to me, and that I am only going now because we have a discount through Team In Training, and it's close to my apartment) -- and instead just gave him credit for doing a mentshy thing for me by taking my shoes back.

Oh wait, did I just undo all that generosity of spirit by blogging honestly?

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  1. It occurred to me that I could actually write a glowing Yelp review of another store, so I just did that too: