Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's my F train and I'll dance if I want to

Never Done: Danced on the subway platform

I had been sitting at my desk all day, and I was finally out, and waiting for the F train to arrive, and I was listening to Hair on my iPod, and I started to mouth the words to Donna, and before I knew it I was tapping my foot and wishing I could groove out. Then it occurred to me: I could groove out. Really, what was stopping me? I felt like dancing, the platform was pretty empty -- it's not like it was going to hurt anyone. So I did it. I full-out danced my way through Donna, Hashish, Sodomy, Colored Spade, Manchester England, I'm Black, and Ain't Got No before the train came (remember, it was the F train, so I got in a lot of dancing) -- and the only thing that happened was that a couple people smiled at me. That, and I felt transformed. Transformed in the moment by the dancing, but also transformed in a bigger way -- by not caring, and not even looking to see, what people thought. Maybe now I'll become one of those annoying people who does yoga in airports.


  1. When I lived in Kansas City and worked a day job while doing theatre at night, I practiced my tap dancing at the bus stop before arriving at work at 6:48am. If I could still tap dance, I would definitely dance in the street, in the grocery store, you name it. Dance like no one is watching ... it makes others happy, and you healthy. xoxo

  2. This is my favorite. I was just saying I wish I could sound proof my head at work so I can really bust out and sing along to the music in my headphones. Only needing the sound proof so as not to disturb my colleagues who are also trying to work.

    But if I'm out walking or riding my bike, than I just cut loose (assuming I have the oxygen to spare :).