Saturday, July 30, 2011

I drank (a tiny bit of) alcohol at work

Never Done: I drank alcohol at work

Just a little tiny bit, but still -- I don't think I've ever done that before. It was all very appropriate: a going away party, a toast. As you know, I'm never interested in getting tipsy, and this was a circumstance in which I was even less interested. But it was good to celebrate, and, I think, important to toast the person who is moving on to their next endeavor. I also thought of it as an early shabes -- although I had to keep working afterward -- and I liked the ways that we all loosened up with each other afterward, less from the brew and more from the time we spent with each other -- away from our cubicles and more and more into each other's lives.


  1. I love this, Jenny, not only because you enjoyed yourself, but also because it evoked a very old but cherished memory. As a television medical reporter in the early '80s, I was chosen for a drunk driving demonstration at a speedway in Portland, along with other public-type figures. A limo picked us up at 7:30 a.m. and we were taken to the speedway and asked to parallel park and drive between cones. Then we were served the alcoholic beverage of our choice (in specific doses) before being asked to perform the driving tasks again. It was a blast, and afterward the limo took us to Huber's for lunch, where we had another Irish Coffee and then were taken home. I slept the rest of the day. Such a naughty guilty pleasure - one that hopefully helped demonstrate how much alcohol can impair one!

    Again, I love that you love your work and colleagues and that you're growing closer. Also love that you're not interested in getting tipsy (as you may know I don't drink alcohol) - we are just high on life!
    Much love,

  2. Thank you, Lori. What drink did you choose?

    It is so interesting to be in a workplace instead of freelancing from home. There are certainly things I miss -- like being able to run out for an errand -- but on the whole, it's suiting me very well. xoxo