Sunday, July 10, 2011

I went to Film Biz Prop Shop

Never Done: I went to Film Biz Prop Shop

In the basement of the building where Josh and I used to have office space is a very cool business that sells and rents stuff that came off film and television shoots: the Film Biz Prop Shop. Their mission is to recycle stuff from the media industry that might normally be thrown away -- and so they have a giant space full of furniture and giant rulers and lamps and disco balls and vintage listening booths and mannequins and giant fake wedding cakes and books by the yard and Dentist Office in a Box and a model of the inner ear and fake food and fake blood and ... well, pretty much anything that might come off a film or TV set that someone might want in their home, or might need on another film or TV set.

I bought Josh a Groupon to FBPS for his birthday, and also bought a Groupon for myself, thinking we might find some wonderful thing for our home. We made a date a few weeks ago, for after my Coney Island swimming and running practice (Michelle, you might want to skip the rest of this sentence) where I had to swim for 45 minutes with thousands and thousands of (non-stinging) jellyfish -- which whapped me in the face, arms, and feet. (I know that's gratuitous information and has nothing to do with the Film Biz Prop Shop, but I've never done it before, and I really really really really hope I never do it again.)

We were both looking forward to it, and when we entered the vast space, got excited to explore. And while exploring was fun, the first thing I found that I would love to have had a little tag that said Groupon Excluded, and the second thing I found that I really loved said Rental Only. What were the odds? An entire warehouse, and the two things I like are off-limits. I wish I was giving a big interactive presentation right now, because regular readers can already guess the outcome of the trip. "And what do you think happened?" You got overwhelmed and ended up leaving without buying anything! "That's right!"

I still have til the end of the month, and if I pull it together to go again, maybe something new will have come in that I love and want. And if not, then I made a $25 donation to a cool organization. If thinking about the mide (middah) of Frugality: Be careful with your money, is it more ethical to buy something I don't really want or need, or to consider the money already spent a donation? I think the latter. What about you?

Ruler: Rental Only

My people: The Story of the Jews bedside lamp: Groupon Excluded

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