Monday, July 18, 2011

I participated in a Facebook meme

Never Done: I participated in a Facebook meme

Band I was given (in an act of mercy, by Mickey): Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band

Song I love: Growin' Up (make sure to watch all the way to the end of Part 2 as well)
Song I like: Incident on 57th Street
Song I hate (although that is a strong word): Walk Like a Man

And then the part that was hardest to do and pass along, but I did it anyway. I wrote, "Like this post, and I'll give you a band."

I mean, I like to have fun as much as the next guy, but sometimes I get a little embarrassed about playing these games publicly. Well, more than a little embarrassed. Embarrassed enough so I don't do it. I think it's the part that feels like it's imposing on other people -- the part that feels like a chain letter -- the part that cajoles friends into playing. That's the embarrassing part. But the truth is, nobody's forcing anyone to play. Instead, we're just giving opportunities. And actually, the fact that I block every game link on my wall (so I don't see any Farmville or Mafia Wars) should help me see that there's no imposition if people can just choose not to look.

And really, what was most fun about the game is that I got to go through a bunch of Springsteen music I hadn't listened to in ages -- and think back to the 70s and 80s when I went to see him play as often as possible, including with my cousin Kenny to see Bruce open the Meadowlands. And I got to honor the memory of Clarence Clemens, z"l -- not only one of the finest sax players ever to play, but someone who, along with Bruce, got to model deep public love between two men. So if a little Facebook meme can get me thinking about that, and to find Bruce's eulogy for Clarence, which somehow I missed when it first got printed, then more power to it. Thanks Facebook. Thanks Mickey. (Thanks Bruce. Thanks Clarence.)

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