Saturday, August 20, 2011

I wrote chalk messages on the sidewalks

Never Done: I wrote chalk messages on the sidewalks

It actually took a while to find street chalk! Days, even. Craft stores? Bodegas? Ricky's? In the end, I found some in a weird little stationer's. And as soon as I got it, it became very rainy, so my plans to do street chalk art and messaging got delayed. It turns out to be incredibly fun, and also feels just a little bit transgressive, like maybe it's graffiti and you'll get caught -- but, of course, it's chalk and a rainy season, so it's actually not very transgressive at all, except that people look at you funny, which lets you remember that not everybody is writing messages in chalk on their way to work.

Also, it's a little bit hard to think of what to say, when you don't really know your audience. I mean -- you see the people walking to work, but you don't really know what they need to hear. They specifically, as in the individuals. So I ended up writing more to the people, as in the People, as a whole. Let's all watch tonight's news for Windsor Terrace/South Slope and see if there's an increase in reported ethical acts.

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