Friday, August 5, 2011

I uploaded most of my Fall JCC performing arts program online

Never Done: I uploaded most of my Fall JCC performing arts program online

Some days you set world records, and some days you do data entry. And strangely, some days you feel as good about one accomplishment as the other. The last thing hanging over my head that I've been struggling to learn at work has been a website management program called Program Manager. (Version 3! Woohoo!) Someone tried to teach it to me on my second day, and my brain froze up. Then someone tried to teach it to me during my second week, and my brain froze up. Then I didn't do anything with it until the woman who does the marketing for my department gently reminded me that I need to get my programs up online. So backed up against an actual deadline, I opened the program and tried to figure it out. I'm not going to do a blow-by-blow on this one, except that it required enormous humility. I probably got up and asked D for help 25 times today -- sometimes I knew I was asking questions she had just answered. But she answered me again -- with patience, and clarity, and equanimity when I put in the wrong program code and we had to delete the entire whatzit before re-entering it into another wherezit, and the line break was after this word when it was really supposed to be after that word. You get what I'm saying -- boring shit. But boring shit that makes my programming go up online -- here.

What's that you say? Why is it a confusing mess? Because I haven't learned how to do it all correctly yet, and also because we haven't separated out what is actually in my season vs what is a theater rental. But all this media management in good time my friends, all this in good time. (And by the way, I recommend that if you are in NYC, you click on Monajat -- and buy some tickets to come see Galeet Dardashti, because she's fantastic -- and how often do you get a chance to hear incredible Persian Jewish music?) (Ooh, another Never Done -- a plug for my program in my blog.)

So I guess this is a post about balance. In order to program a good season, I need to have a fully developed right brain, but in order for anyone to know about it, I need to have a fully exercised left brain. And I really can't fall into the trap of valuing one over the other.

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