Monday, February 14, 2011

I finally watched Battlestar Gallactica

Never Done: Watched Battlestar Gallactica, the miniseries

I might be late to the party, but that doesn't mean I'm not thoroughly obsessed with Starbuck. Why is she so cocky? Is she or isn't she (a dyke)? How the hell did her plane not break into bits when she flew it at full speed into Apollo's in order to save him? Or at least why didn't she get whiplash when she did it?

And why does she clash so much with Tigh? And what is his story, anyway? Why does he drink so much? What's up with his wife? Did Starbuck sleep with her or something?

And a million other things I don't understand. Is Earth real? If it is, is it still unpopulated? If the crew finds it, will they become Earth's first people? Is this all a creation myth?

Let me say right now, after having just watched the miniseries and nothing else, and having done a good job of not reading spoilers (with one exception about Sharon and adoption, but that was unintentional, and before I knew I would be hooked) ... so let me say right now, if this is all a creation myth, and at the end they find Earth and populate it for the first time, that is fracking brilliant.


  1. Oh. My. Gods.

    Wait. Just wait. No spoilers here, but it just gets weirder (and in my opinion, better). More and more questions, almost as many as answers. Oh, yes, Mr. Rilke, we have learned to love the questions themselves!

    And did you know that in the original series Starbuck was a guy?

    Oh, yes. And wait until you start using the word "fracking" all the time, forgetting that there ever was another...



    Personally I prefer Starbuck 2.0. :)