Sunday, June 19, 2011

All Coney all the time

Never Done: I started and ended my day at Coney Island

It was a weird, long day. I got up very early to swim and run (triathlon training) at Coney Island, which was going to be perfectly timed with my all-day mentorship training with You Gotta Believe, which I thought was also going to be on Coney Island, but ended up in Manhattan (so I missed the Mermaid Parade for the 11th year in a row) and then just as the training was ending, I got a text from friends that they had extra tickets to the Brooklyn Cyclones home opener, so I went back home, showered off the ocean salt and the sweat, and hopped the F train back to the southern climes of Brooklyn, and got there just in time to see a few stray mermaids wandering the streets after the parade had ended -- and also just in time to watch a ballgame -- and postgame fireworks with Mickey and Nina and Josh.

You know that thing that happens in New York, when you feel like a neighborhood is someone else's, and then suddenly you get one point of reference for it, and then another, and then another, and then suddenly you notice that it's yours too? Within one week, I've ridden the Wonder Wheel, swum in the ocean, run on the boardwalk, Google mapped the You Gotta Believe offices, and gone to a Cyclones game.

Coney, you're mine, all mine, all mine, all mine.

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