Saturday, November 10, 2012

I'm missing my uncle's 80th birthday party

I don't know that this really counts as joy-seeking me-me-me time, because it wasn't joy-seeking. (So, no, it doesn't count.) But it was me-me-me. (Literally.) I spent many hours on the phone with the Apple help people, trying to fix my Apple calendars and email—in particular my account. ME ME ME.

On the positive side of the equation, I can now send email from two different accounts (but not three, which is another whole issue—why do I have so many email addresses?)

On the negative side .... oh, they are too boring. There are still many negatives. And they have to do with megabits per second. Boooorrriiinnng.

I have a weekend ahead with lots of duties—rescuing more of my flooded stuff from Canarsie (if I can figure out how to get a truck with gas or a "man" with a van) and work and more computer stuff ... and I don't have a clear thought about what I'd like to do that would be happy-making. I think this is mainly because there's something I wish I was doing that I'm not. My uncle is having his 80th birthday party in New Hampshire tomorrow ... and I have to work. This has pretty much been breaking my heart since I found out it had to be on a work day for me, and I've been pretty much dealing with it by pushing it out of my mind. You see, I really love my family, and I really love my uncle in particular, and I love big family gatherings, and this particular gathering is just so damned celebratory.

I just noticed that I'm writing about the thing that would have brought me joy this weekend had I been able to go. And so I guess my job is to find some things to do that don't push that out of my mind, but that let me hold it in my mind while also engaging with someone else that makes me happy.

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