Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Taylor Mac on Percoset

First day back to work on the subway and it felt miraculous. Easier going than coming back -- I walked to the 2 train, and it took me—slowly but surely—all the way to 72nd Street. On the way back I stopped at the Public Theater for my joy time, and to get there took a very slow 2 train to 42nd Street, and then got caught in the Manhattan evening crush of people waiting for the N train, because the R train only ran to 34th Street. But it did come, and it did get me where I was going. I think the algorhythm for traveling by subway in the city right now might be something like this: [REGULAR COMMUTE X 1.6] + 20. Which is pretty amazing, considering there was salt water filling up much of the system 2 days ago.

Anyhow, I met Avia at Joe's Pub to see Taylor Mac's show of music from the 1830s, only it wasn't a show of music from the 1830s because ... well it might have been because of the hurricane, or it might have been because Taylor is passing a kidney stone and he's on Percoset, or it might have been because he's tired and just didn't pull it together. But he did a show, doped up, mostly of old material, but he did do 3 or 4 1830s songs, and I did enJOY them.

I also enJOYed introducing Avia to Taylor's brilliant performance style, and in that way it was cool that he was doing a bunch of old standards.

And then the long ride home on the train that took a long time to arrive and then didn't actually go where I live ..... but once again, it got me over the river and it got me within striking distance of my house, and I am grateful.

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