Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Maria Freakin’ Zifchak

Sometimes my own job transports me. Tonight was one of those nights. Seriously, if you love opera or other classical music, and you want to hear an amazing concert for almost no money, you should come to PREformances with Allison Charney. One minute you’re in a lobby full of strollers, and the next minute you’re in a pretty nice 240-seat theater, and then Maria Freakin’ Zifchak comes on stage and blows your mind with her incredible voice.

The program is called PREformances because famous musicians sing and play things that they are soon going to play somewhere famous, and they want a chance to try it out in front of an audience before they do it in front of their fancy audience. But these are very high-level musicians, so it’s not like they’re going to mess up horribly, or do the stuff they really don’t know how to do yet. So the concerts are amazing. And intimate. And did I mention cheap?

I know it doesn’t totally count as a thing I do just for me, because I was really doing it for other people, and running a reception afterwards, and taking care of the artists, and greeting the donors, and getting the W9 forms, and handing over the petty cash, and texting the caterer, and coordinating with the house manager, and folding the programs, and working with the new tech guy. So it doesn’t totally count as a thing I do just for me, but when Maria Freakin’ Zifchak opened her mouth, I was transported to a place where I forgot, for one aria, that I was actually at work.

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