Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two movies!

I'm going to keep this post short, because I have a lot of other stuff to write and do, but prompted by my own post yesterday, I saw two movies in one day! At two different movie theaters. And it even worked to take the car and find parking at both places, so Josh and his broken foot wouldn't have to hobble too far or suffer the subway. We were late for Skyfall, and didn't get to sit together—he was way up front and I was way in the back. And then we were early for Silver Lining Playbook, because I thought it started at 7:15, but it started at 8:15. But that's OK, because we were first in line, and that put us in perfect position to see when Nina and Mickey strolled up (unbeknownst to us) to see the same film, so we ended up with a date.

And all this after an already excellent day in which I got to dive into two creative theater projects. I spent hours in the morning translating an incredibly complex Hebrew poem (no, I don't know Hebrew. I worked from five different translations of it, plus all the scholarly writing I could find about the poem itself, plus a couple about the language in the poem, plus bible passages, plus a conversation with Josh that touched on the social and political history of the two main settings of the poem that influenced the metaphor choices in the work. I love doing this kind of writing—trying to stay true to the intent of the poem in its original language, which (for example) I read contains a great deal of slant rhyme, and so I shifted the English language to include the same.

And when I got done with that, I got to work on a Yiddish poem project with Josh and Abigail—a project that we hope is going to turn into an animation knitting lots of yarn.

And when I got done with that, I hadn't written my speech for the 16th Annual Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer Awards, which if you are in the New York area, you should come to (nobody turned away for lack of funds) and so with that still on my to do list, I sign off for today.

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