Friday, July 12, 2013

Kizomba! Infinity! Dance! Go!

I walked into a public dance class, and decided to what-the-hell go for it.  I love to dance. I miss dancing. I saw two women holding each other close, arms draped around each other, cheek to cheek, moving in synch—and I got such a heart pang for my days of dancing tango, that I stopped to watch. Before long, that dance ended and an instructor came out to teach a new dance. (I never found out what that first one was, but there was chalk on the ground that said ZOUK NY.)

The new dance, however, was kizomba— a Brazilian partner dance created in the 90s. Before long I was dancing 1 2 quick quick slow (beat) 7 8 quick quick slow. Front step. Back step. Side step. And (ladies, this one will be your favorite) Infinity. In Union Square. With strangers. As the sun set behind the Abercrombie and Fitch .... (that was my attempt at Urban Pastoral.)

Sometimes you have to grab the opportunities for joy when they pop up in front of you, like a free pop-up dance class in the heart of the city. 

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