Saturday, July 13, 2013

Walk in the rain

It is no longer 98 degrees and 173% humidity in New York City. It is 75 degrees and raining, but there's a breeze, and it's beautiful, and I went walking in the rain. Walking in the rain. Usually we run for cover. Throw up an umbrella. Cover our head with a newspaper. Duck from awning to awning. But we can slow down. Take a deep breath. Notice if maybe we want to feel the cool water on our skin. Take a walk in the rain.

PS. I am starting a 4-day writing marathon. I will be writing a short film in 4 days, that will be shot, edited, scored, and screened all within 16 days. My posts over the next few days might be quite slim, as is today's, as I set my intention towards Ripfest. Wish me well!

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