Saturday, September 17, 2011

I saw Karen in NYC

Never Done: I saw Karen in NYC

I am quite sure this is true. I am almost entirely sure this true. We just finished spending the week practicing the mide (middah) of Truth: Say nothing unless you are 100% sure it is true, and I am not 100% sure this is true, and yet I am saying it because it is 1 AM, and after work I went to the Lower East Side and met Karen and Andy (who I have definitely seen in NYC) for dinner, and I have a big day Saturday, and so I don't have a lot of time to come up with a different Never Done that I did, but uh oh, I just texted Karen to ask her if I have ever seen her before in NYC, and it turns out that not only have I seen her here, but I have seen her here THREE separate times, plus another one in Hoboken. (It's disturbing what a poor memory I have. I am extremely grateful to my friends who remember our collective history.) So guess what my Never Done activity is? I am Interactive Blogging for the first time. Only (and since we are still talking about truth, I feel like I need to say this) as I said, it is 1 AM, and so it is not really Friday's Never Done activity, is it?

OK, I did other things. I put dozens of apples in bags for the upcoming JCC Open House. I didn't feel like I had the time to help, but then I realized that sometimes I'm going to have a huge event and other people are not going to feel like they have time to help, so I made the time to help and what came from it was that I got to know one of my coworkers who I had never spent any time with before. Also, I wore my first Fall outfit of 2011. A funky/pretty wool skirt, a knit top, and my scraped up but cushy leather boots. It felt wonderful to wear Fall clothes when I was outside, but inside I was shvitzing. (The day before I was freezing inside, so go figure.) Many people, when they saw me, commented on how it's Fall now, or how this is the Fall Jenny, or how sad they are that Summer is over, or how much they love my Fall fashion. And now I am going to put on Fall pajamas, and climb into bed, so I can be rested for my big Saturday, in which I am going to co-lead a bar mitzve for the first time. (A secular bar mitzve.) More on that tomorrow...

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