Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I watched the Upright Citizen Brigade Comedy video: Fucking Tea

Never Done: I watched an Upright Citizen Brigade Comedy video Fucking Tea

Remember when I went to the Upright Citizen's Brigade and it wasn't funny? In fact it was offensive? Well, the people at UCBC have redeemed themselves by making fun of one of my favorite things in the world: tea (and those of us who love tea.) I didn't even know they made videos, but I sure do love tea. I love brewing tea. I love smelling the fragrance of tea. I love drinking tea. I love tea cups. I love tea pots. I love tea strainers. I love putting milk in tea. I love mixing teas. I love making iced tea. I love making hot tea. I love making sun tea. Most of all, I love telling people how much I love tea, and how much they should love tea. Especially the teas I love. Tea is better than coffee. It's better for you. People who drink it are superior. Especially people -- like me -- who drink herbal tea. (Which are more properly called tisanes or herbal infusions.) Because peppermint is not actually a tea; it's an herb. Tea is a specific plant species: Camellia Sinensis. Oh, you find this obnoxious? Am I maybe just a little too holier than thou about this whole caffeine thing? (At least if you drink coffee, I hope it's organic.) Oops, sorry. I did it again. Well I guess it's a good thing you people at UCBC made this video. Fucking tea.

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