Friday, December 28, 2012

Her name was Lil and she was a beauty

It was my father's yortzayt, so I made sure to take out the baritone ukelele and play a few songs that he used to love to play, and when I was looking through one of his old books, a paper fell out. My father had notoriously bad handwriting; he had a tremor, and it showed on the page. After years of practice, I could make out almost all the words, and what I couldn't, I found the old fashioned way: Google, which turned up several more elaborate versions of the song. Here's Walter's version:

Her name was Lil and she was a beauty
She lived in a house of ill reputy
The men would come from far to see
Lillian in her deshabillé.

She was comely; she was fair
She had lovely yeller hair
But she drank too much of the damn rum
And she smoked hashish and opium

Lillian called the house physician
To report on her condition
He said dear Lil I'm sorry to say
You have pernicious anemia

Day by day as Lil grew thinner
Because of the lack of protein in her
She grew deep hollows in her chest
And she had to go round completely dressed

As you know Lil's clientele
Rested mainly on her belly
Lillian left her house of men
When she had to conceal her abdomen

As she lay there in her deshabillé
She felt the hand of the lord upon her
She said, "Dear Lord, my soul repents
but it's still gonna cost you 25 cents."

Now I just need to find a melody, and learn it on the uke.

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