Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pitch Perfect

It usually takes 4 hours to drive from New Hampshire to Brooklyn, but it took 8, because somewhere in Connecticut it started to snow, and then rain, and then sleet, and then freeze rain, and then snow some more. By the time we hit the state of NY (but not yet the city) my body was entrenched in what I can only call a physical boredom. I wanted to get up and move SO BAD. I wanted to go for a run, a walk, a ski, a sled, it didn't matter what, I didn't want to be sitting in the car any longer. Also, I had to pee and we had passed all the easy exits and road side rests. And also, it was still gonna be another 2 hours before I was home. OK, jump over those two hours. Really, you don't want to hear me complain. Home safe, salt washed off car, dinner on the table, phone call that one of my dearest friend's momma's had just passed, calls to other friends about that, and then finally realizing I hadn't taken any me time yet, and so flipping through the TV movie channels, I found the aca-romp Pitch Perfect, which had been on my list since it came out. I could have lived without the stress barfing, but it was otherwise a decent comedy with some decent acapella numbers, a few good actors, and a few good laughs. And I wasn't sitting in the car. (Which seems to be my new definition of joy.)

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