Monday, December 10, 2012

Just me, Narcissus, and me

My paperwhites are blooming! I woke up and one blossom was just about to pop through its sheath. I wanted to just hang out with it, but I had placed to go and things to do.  What I had to do and where I had to go was to do a quick recipe test and get over to the other side of Prospect Park to join my acquaintance-friend Barbara as a guest on her Park Slope Food Coop cooking show. So exciting! (I found a link to an old version of the show, before Barbara was hosting it, and though it seems quite different from the show we taped, I thought you might want to see. Here it is.)

So in the morning I wanted to just hang out with my blossoming flowers, but I had to get going, but I made a promise to myself that I would hang out with them later in the day. Because aside from balsam, there's really no scent that I love more than narcissus.

So when I got home after cooking borsht and parmesan crisps (and returning Nina's card table and doing the laundry) and before I set to work for the afternoon (and then made a food menore and obsessively watched the live stream of a friend getting gay married in Seattle and then went to a concert in the evening) I took five minutes and communed with my flowers. Their fragrance matches their beauty matches their fragrance matches their beauty. Both slow me down, and refocus me, and allow me to take a deep breath and be very present. I know that sounds incredibly woowoo and potentially trite (stop and smell the flowers) but there are very few things that slow me down and hold my attention like that.

Here. See what you think. Wish again my blog were in scent-o-rama, but you'll just have to force your own bulbs!

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