Monday, December 17, 2012

Homeland, hot mulled cider, an eggplant chair, and a Brave Combo dance party

I worked all weekend, but I got home in time for Homeland. Before I left the office, I had called Josh and asked him if he'd make some hot mulled cider. Seemed just about right for a chilly, rainy night, and in fact, when I walked into the house it smelled fantastic. There was still 1/2 to go before Homeland though, and I was feeling antsy so I looked over my CD collection for something I hadn't heard for a while that would be good to dance to, and I came up with Brave Combo. I popped that into the CD player and danced around til Carrie and Saul and Brody got their shit together, and then poured the hot cider, and settled into my favorite old chair that my parents gave me 30 years ago when I moved out of the house, that I've been shlepping around with me for years and that had gotten incredibly grungy (it was off-white) and which I recently had reupholstered in a rich purple/eggplant fabric. I could have probably made this whole entry just about how much I like the color of the chair, but ... but ... but ... you know what? Screw Homeland.

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