Saturday, October 20, 2012


Our offices close at 4 PM on Fridays, but I had a 9 PM event. I had lots to take care of, as evidenced by the boxes, cookies, seltzer, wine, check request forms, programs, etc strewn around my desk area. And what did I do? I went to see Argo. I got back with plenty of time to put together the 9 PM event, and I stayed at work til almost 11 PM, but in the middle there, in a break from the rain, I walked down to Lincoln Center and slipped into a late afternoon movie.

I LOVE going to the movies alone. It's truly personal time -- just me and the story unfolding (and the man next to me who talked to the screen and the man on the other side whose wife on the other side of him is so allergic to apples that when I took a bite of my apple in the middle of the show, he asked me to put it away.) Like I said, just me and the story unfolding, in the late of the afternoon, when I could have stayed at my desk, but I (and I am proud of this) realized I had another choice.

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