Thursday, October 25, 2012

Contact jugging


I spent an inordinate amount of my youth balancing things on other things. Often I was balancing my body on things, but sometimes I was balancing things on my body. My first trip to the emergency room was when I was rolling around the house on what can best be described as a giant toilet paper roll. Imagine a roll made of cardboard 2 inches thick, with a diameter of about 18 inches, and a length of about 36 inches. I used to stand on it and walk around the house, as if I was log rolling. I did it for hours at a time -- just as I walked on stilts and rode a unicycle and jumped on a pogo stick for hours on end. Then one day it slipped out from under me, as it was bound to do eventually, and my foot went through a glass window pane, and I ended up with a few stitches. Still, I climbed back on the cardboard roller.

Later I learned to juggle, which I find to be incredibly fun and focusing, but I never tried contact juggling. Watching this video, I was surprised I never tried. So of course, out came the tennis balls and I spent an hour trying to master some contact juggling tricks. It'll be a while before I release my own YouTube video, but I completely enjoyed myself.

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