Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Ariel texted to ask how I was, and I texted back to say I wanted to go out for a walk, and she texted back to say so did she, and then we were together in person instead on text and walked around for about 3 hours—it was quite safe and mild for most of the time, as the rains started to fall harder and winds started to blow harder, and we dropped in on one friend after another, and as we approached Heath's house, the neighbors were out dealing with a junk wood tree that had uprooted so we dug in and helped them break off and bag up the sucker branches and cut up and tie up the bigger branches until the job was done and we all shook hands and we went along our way. Along the way we stopped in a 99 cent store and bought 2 jigsaw puzzles for Robbie and Malcolm and then were heading to Abigail's when a giant branch cracked and fell 1/2 block ahead of us, and that's when Nina headed to her house and I stopped in on Abigail and then tucked warm and dry into mine.

But those hours wandering around the growing storm were joyful and beautiful and yielded a couple videos even.



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