Tuesday, October 23, 2012

File that under Hammocks

It's been a while since I've taken a step back and given a little perspective on how this practice is going for me. It's nothing short of transformative. In a few short weeks, I've come to understand the value of not only having a break during the day that is just for me, but also a longer break of at least 1/2 day at some point during the week. I'm also starting to get it how restorative time during the day and week connect to needing even longer breaks for vacation at some point in the year.

Maybe it's a little like getting addicted to a drug—as your body starts to get some, it starts to want some more. (Maybe there's a more positive analogy I could draw.) But the point is, for someone who is set to Go, without much Ready or Set, let alone Stop, it's important to start building the new neural pathways that allow me to slow down and restore—and that allow me to expect to slow down and restore. (To that end, I'm going to star taking those fantasies about a snorkeling vacation more seriously.) 

I did a couple things just for my own selfish joy yesterday. I watched an episode of My So Called Life and took a bath in the morning. (Not at the same time.) I came home early and went for a walk in the neighborhood, and met a bunch of my neighbors hanging out outside together. That made me realize how nice it would be to be home in the late afternoons/early evenings—when the kids are out building go-Karts and learning to ride bikes. I went through some files, and found one called Hammocks.

I feel like that just about sums up the reality of and my aspirations for my life. I have a file called Hammocks, but I don't have a place to put a hammock. I'll get right on that.

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  1. You can put I-bolts into the studs in your walls for hanging a hammock. I did this in the last house I owned because as you know it rains a lot here in Portland. And lying in a hammock is great for a bad back. Also great for relaxing. I have a handmade string hammock that I ordered from somewhere in Colorado. I take good care to let nothing happen to damage the strings, and I've had it now for several years. I support you in this quest!