Friday, October 26, 2012


I can't write much because I have to pack for California, but in the middle of a full day of work I managed to carve out about 20 minutes to slip into the shvitz in the locker room at work. It was warm, it was relaxing, and it was a little annoying when women would open the door and hold it open too long before deciding if they were coming in or out (thus letting out the heat, and letting in a blast of chilly air.) But it was warm and it was relaxing, and I got a good sweat, and I did the yoga pose called "legs up the wall" which is reverses your lymphatic system and is supposed to be good for you.
As usual, it was certainly for me and me alone, but it didn't really approach the level of what I would call Joy. However, I am still not convinced though that Joy lies outside of me in these activities, and not within -- regardless of where I am and what I am doing. I'm hoping to discover the answer to that question over the course of this year.

(With apologies to people who read my blog during my Never Done year, when I spent tons more time writing up my posts.) 


  1. Are people asking for these apologies? Because if they are, I wish they'd stop. I think they are interfering with your joy, and certainly with your process of finding joy. It seems like what you want this year's blogging to be is a quick check-in. We should be fine with that. Right gang?

  2. Nope! I think I'm feeling something because over the last year when I wasn't writing, lots of people told me they wish I was still writing, and I equated those requests with, in part, the fact that I really took time with the posts, and dug deep into my experience, and related them to the mussar practice, and also sought to make most of them small essays ..... and so now that I'm not doing most of that, I keep wondering about the value of writing publicly.