Saturday, February 23, 2013

Astrologis Interruptis

When I turned 50, I decided it was finally time to get my astrological chart read. I've never done this, and I've long been interested in a deeper look at the ancient art that I know so little about. I asked friends if they knew of anyone they recommended, and they did know someone—and she lives just about 10 blocks from me.

What with my topsy turvy January and February, it took a while to schedule, but my time was set for Friday after work. I went in, she had put out a lovely snack tray of an orange, a banana, some tomatoes, some pistachios. She had my charts on her desk, and they were pink and orange and green and yellow and confusing and beautiful. She started talking about the positions the planets (including the sun and the moon, which are considered planets in astrological lingo) were in at the time and place I was born (my natal chart) and what that means about my nature.

And it was just incredibly accurate. I mean, ACCURATE. She started out and described the deepest pulls and conflicts and indecisions in my nature, and my strengths and my tendencies and my volatilities and, well, it was just all there.  Then she went on to talk about my transits (the ongoing movement of the planets as they transit the horoscope) and some of what she said was super accurate as well, and some was odd. Odd in that it felt unnecessary to say, and was super easily Googlable about me (what year I completed my MFA) and seemed like maybe she was saying it as a way to impress me that she could tell this from my chart, but OK, it's also possible that it was completely in my chart that that period of my life would have been ripe for change and that kind of achievement.

She went on to show me some fundamental patterns in my chart, and then to talk about my Chiron return. Most of you have probably heard of the Saturn return, because you've been through it many times by now. Chiron comes around once every 49-51 years, so most of us only get a Chiron return once, or maybe twice.  She started to describe the position of Jupiter and Chiron in my natal chart, and how very important ................. and just then she stood up and said, "I think the laundromat next door is on fire."

She was right; it was. I took my chart, and she took her girlfriend's laptop, and we went outside. The fire people were already breaking through the windows of the building next door, and putting ladders through. We stayed outside for quite a while, while they worked. It's incredibly impressive to watch them work, by the way. I think if we in the non-profit world want to study cooperation, we should study fire people. Please note the motto on the truck: It Ain't Easy, in this photo below. (Please also note the fireman climbing down the ladder, and the perfect framing of the word LAUNDROMAT in between the ladder and the truck. I think the execution of this photo is actually the part of the day that brought me most joy.)

I met a family who lived in the building that was on fire. They left without their phone, so I lent them mine to call family. I also gave them my address in case they needed a place to stay that night. They didn't come over, so I am guessing they were able to stay with people they are already close to. In the end, nobody was hurt, and we were able to go back into the house where the astrologer lives. It was too late to continue my session however, since I had dinner plans with my cousins in Manhattan, so we rescheduled for next Friday, when the planets will have advanced a teeny bit on their transits and I will have advanced a teeny bit on my own journey as well. 

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