Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Couch, Snacks, Girls

I thought I knew exactly what joy seeking I was going to do, and write about, after work. I was going to go to Yoga for Abundant Bodies, which the wonderful teacher of Gentle Yoga invited me to last week. She invited me when I told her after class what a perfect teacher she was for me, and when else does she teach? She told me her regular classes, and invited me to both. Her invitation was so warm that I actually teared up; it was perfect for me that day, as had been her class. So I planned my week around going, and then when the day came I was even MORE tired than I had been lately (yes I'm a little concerned about it, but I'm trying to get enough rest and otherwise generally take care of myself.) Josh and I made his and hers dinners (his: crunchy raw vegetables, mine: comforting cooked vegetables) and as we ate, my head got closer and closer to the table. Was I really going to make it to yoga? And then it happened. The thing I wanted even more than yoga. Abigail texted; her plans had changed for the evening and she wondered if I wanted to get together?  Yes,  I did want that. I wanted that very much. I hadn't seen her much since she (was part of a big crew of people who) created a giant, glorious Purim shpil/party/community event. I offered to go to her house, but she opted to come to mine, and I had the night I hadn't known I'd wanted, sitting on the couch, talking, giggling, crying, eating almond butter directly from the jar, and eventually and successfully inviting Kyle over to watch an episode of Girls we hadn't all seen. It sort of felt like we were 15 and should be getting stoned. But instead we were 30 and 50 and tired, which it turns out might amount to the same thing.

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