Monday, February 11, 2013

My own JOY photo series

I went sledding. It was truly fun. I went down a few times on my own, and I also stood at the top of the hill and gave pushes to various and sundry children, including the two I knew and went with. Then I noticed that there was a metal pole at the bottom of the hill and that some children were nearly missing braining themselves on it. After a while, an adult went and stood next to the pole so he could deflect children. Then after a while I went down the hill to take my turn. It was actually incredibly fun down there too—children come speeding at you (and the pole) and you have to somehow not get beaned by them and not let the get beaned by the pole. I did save two children's heads, which meant essentially grabbing them (the heads) with my hand as they came close and pushing them away from the pole. They both fell of their sleds and looked a little dazed, but then laughed and thanked me. Then their parents came up and thanked me. In between rescues, I snapped some iPhone photos. Of course there was no time for framing—just point and shoot (and then save a child) so they aren't terrific, but they were fun to take and I think they capture the gliding movement of the afternoon pretty well. 

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