Monday, February 18, 2013

Cold run on the beach

Nobody can remember it being this cold in Sarasota. 42. With a brisk wind coming in off the water. But I bundled up and went for a run on the beach anyway. I wore all the shirts I had brought with me, plus the silly oversized Siesta Key sweatshirt I had to buy to stay warm. And you know what? A cold run on a beach that you had hoped would be warm is WAY better than no run on a beach at all. In fact, once you get the idea of warm out of your head, and you just appreciate what you have instead, it's fantastic. It's like the best possible day on a wintry Oregon beach, or a perfect Fall day on a Maine beach. It's all about letting go of what could have been and taking a hard (or in this case, not so hard) look at what is, with a heart open to appreciation.

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