Friday, February 1, 2013

Requited Love

I don't know. Maybe this?

Still in Cleveland. Niel's funeral. Very cold. Close family. Lots of delayed flights. Everyone made it except Niel's closest friend from college, who got snowed out in the Pennsylvania mountains. Mostly aware of good people. Also incredible sadness. People collectively piecing together a person's life. I started the day, before even leaving the house where we are staying, by watching this animation. What I like about it is the supernatural force, which helps me overlook the Disnification (body sizes, passive female, etc.) Also, from a story-telling perspective, I love how clear his objective is, and how clear his obstacle is. Not that it's terribly original, but it's clear. And then there's that supernatural force that I'm feeling a heightened awareness of today. That thing we can't quite explain that goes beyond what we can understand in our daily lives. That thing that gives mystery to our time here on Earth.

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