Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shaker Heights

Hello, my old friend the solitary walk. What a pleasure it is to see you again. Even on a day spent with funeral directors, medical examiners, and life cycle officiants. (Actually, these people were kind, thoughtful, and efficient. The rabbi was particularly wonderful. Also, Niel's entire family is incredibly kind and close, so it's easy to be here supporting them.) But still, it wasn't much a day of joy and renewal. I was very happy to be there, to be present, to listen carefully to what I thought people were saying they wanted and needed, to speak up when it made sense, and to let my own feelings about Niel wash over me from time to time. And eventually I needed some renewal, and I found it the most faithful way I know: my own two feet fell in love with the ground. (to paraphrase a wonderful song by Veda Hille.)

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