Monday, January 21, 2013

A birthday puzzle

Hmmmm. I just wrote an entire post and then lost it. And now I have to get into the shower and get to work, so this is going to be shorter and less thoughtful than the original version. Sorry! I got another delightful birthday present! This one from Rupert, who made me a jigsaw puzzle from a photo composite he made from a bunch of photos he had already, or snatched from Facebook (sneaky sneaky.) What a complete delight to literally put together the faces of the pieces I love. Piece. Piece. There's my mom! Piece. Piece. Piece. I saved the best for last, as you'll see.



  1. Of course my unfortunate immediate response is to be horrified that the puzzle wasn't printed correctly and was cropped! UGH!!!!

  2. I thought that might get to you! But wasn't your second immediate response how cool it was that I took all those photos as I was putting it together and how sweet it is that I loved it so much??