Sunday, January 27, 2013


Miriam was the first person to take me to Souen, for Jappa Soup. I return from time to time, surprisingly not as often as I should, given how much I like it. After a movie at the Quad (Flight, starring a puffy Denzel Washington) I convinced my three companions to go. One had been before and remembered it as that place where they served twigs in water. One had never been. One had been several times and liked it.  Once I heard about the fear of twig water, I decided not to push for Souen, but to be happy with any number of other options. But as it turned out, all were open, and we went in, three pairs of glasses steaming up at once. It's macrobiotic and delicious. I had a plate of garlic greens with broiled salmon atop, and 2 hours in a steamy warm room to talk with good friends. (Plus, I liked the movie more than the others. Well, not more than Josh. He liked it too.)


  1. I liked "Flight" a lot. I wish this were a year in which Denzel Washington stood a chance to win an Oscar for gaining weight for appearing puffy and performing so well that emotionally honest role. I have to give credit to the screenwriter and director as well. In my experience, films about alcoholics are not usually so well written or directed, let alone acted.

  2. The puffiness was really interesting, actually. Not sure how they achieved that so successfully.