Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Blue Shoes

My running shoes still looked good, but I could feel in my knees how pounded down they had become after running on them for a year and a half, including triathlon training. I kept meaning to get out and buy a new pair, but I kept not finding the time. Then a friend dropped a jar of split pea soup onto them and they got a little soupy and also glassy. I took it maybe a sign.

I took the whole day off after working a long Monday. A good long Monday. A successful long Monday. But still, a very long yesterday. I didn't actually use my day off very well. I started some taxes. I tried to do something creative but wasn't very creative. I tried to do something fun but wasn't very fun. I tried to think about people I know who don't go to work in the daytimes, but I couldn't think of anyone. I started a couple household fix-it tasks but I didn't have what I needed. Eventually I decided to put my coat and boots on and brave the cold weather. I knew I had errands; I just wasn't sure what they were. But I knew that I just needed to get out and get productive and maybe the day would turn around. It mostly did. I got some running shoes, and for once they are a beautiful gray and blue instead of the uber feminine pink and orange crap that they usually market to women with my average shoe size. (With apologies to femmes who like those colors and don't actually feel like it's crap. What I really mean is that there should be options. I didn't really mean to call it crap.)

Anyhow, then I had new blue shoes and a few hours before I had to be back home for my Mussar group, and so I went to the gym and I went for a run. And after I ran, I stretched for a long time. Longer than I usually do when I run at work. But probably not as long as I actually should. But pretty long. And I did my favorite restorative yoga pose: Legs Up the Wall. (It's supposed to be good for reversing the lymphatic system and that is supposed to be good for you. I just like how it feels.) And even though I didn't have a creative productive day, I did appreciate going to my old gym that I miss now that I am so often uptown.


  1. My walking shoes are almost always blue. I'd love some more lively colors, orange, lime, even pink! But I go in and get fitted, try them out on the sidewalk, choose the ones that work regardless of color, style, or price. And I end up with New Balance some shade of blue. At least I feel supported when I'm out walking! I guess if I want color, I'll have to spill some soup on 'em, eh? ha.

  2. Ha! Maybe you need to get running shoes instead of walking shoes? They're maybe geared to a younger -- 20s and 30s market, who the manufacturers think want pink and orange? Because for years now, all my running shoes have been pink and orange and purple and all these colors I really don't do. But I suck it up and get them because Function over Fashion. I feel so lucky this year!

  3. Is legs up a wall standing on your head? Because if that is the case, i would call it a YEAR . . .Love the shoes! I have been looking for mail order shoes lately and the same thing occurs to me . . .pink and white . . .pink and grey . . .pink and . . .ORANGE?