Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cutting corners (of Central Park)

We've moved into that part of January I knew was coming. The part where I work late and long for the whole month up til I don't anymore (after January 21, when I produce a big wonderful MLK show at Symphony Space.)

I took a whole weekend out of the crunch, and as you know, went walking in nature, and saw a play on Broadway (Golden Boy) and had a birthday party and generally indulged in beautiful personal time.

And then I went back to work and didn't even get up from my desk to eat lunch. (I did eat lunch. I just ate it at my desk while working.  I will try to do better tomorrow.) But you know what I did do? On my way to work, I got off the subway early, and took 25 minutes to walk through Central Park. That's probably 12 minutes longer than if I had taken the subway the whole way, but 25 minutes outside in the park. A pretty good trade-up. And that little bit of ... well, it wasn't quiet, but maybe there was a quality of the air that was different than walking on the avenues? ... that little bit carried me through the day.

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