Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dance and the Art of Wealth Creation

I spent most of the day in bed,  shvitzing and working. I got up in time to take a shower and go to work from 5-10PM. Although it would have been physically better for me to stay in bed, it was intellectually magnificent for me to be at work. It was a lecture/discussion with my current artists in residence -- Jawole Zollar (Urban Bush Women) and Liz Lerman, along with Shanna Ratner, a brilliant woman who is working on wealth creation in poor rural communities. And .... how to make all this relevant to a big dance and community project that Jawole and Liz are working on.

Jawole and Liz are looking at wealth and poverty in the US and how they become embodied. Literally -- how they affect our bodies. Shanna's project has delineated seven types of capital.


And a system of wealth creation that relies on developing all seven of these simultaneously without sacrificing any one, because that would be exploitation, and true wealth is not actually generated when there is exploitation.

The conversation that ensued was fascinating—especially when we started to talk about how do artists create capital. I wish I could write about this forever, but I have to get going to see them again this morning.

If gratitude brings joy, and if we want to find joy by following a gratitude practice, then I would say that my joy seeking yesterday comes from the gratitude I feel towards these women for sharing this conversation, and for being so good at embodying their intellectual pursuits.

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