Friday, January 25, 2013

Searching for Sugarman

To be honest, it wasn't much of a joy-seeking day. Came home to do prep for a capsule endoscopy, but someone pulled the emergency brake on a train ahead of us at Union Square. (That makes it sound frivolous. It might well have been completely justified. I don't see any news about it today.) So someone pulled the emergency brake, and we sat on the tracks for about 30 minutes before finally pulling into 42nd street station and getting out to find other trains. It was a 2 hour commute home. I started my prep an hour later than I thought I would and (skip this part if you don't want to know personal things about me) I did it exactly as they told me to, but it didn't work, other to make me nauseous, give me a headache, and a terrible taste in my mouth. And to eventually go to bed, worried. If that's what's called working.

At some point along the way, before going to bed, I realized I hadn't done anything remotely pleasurable during the day, so I clicked on the TV station that tends to have good movies, and found Searching for Sugarman. Damn, Rodriguez is a talented man, and his daughters incredibly well-spoken. Damn, those Swedish filmmakers had a lot of money to shoot that film beautifully. I am only an hour in, so I don't know how it ends, but that's what I have to say for now.

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