Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gimme The Loot

I was positively peaked after work. I felt nauseous yet hungry, and could barely hold my head up. I know I've been overtired, but really? One day back to work? On a hunch, I went for that burger I've been craving for .... I think I've been craving it for months now. I got it from my favorite place—Flatbush Farm—and I felt better after eating. Better enough that when I got home, I had it in me to watch another of my Independent Spirit Awards screeners, on the last night before voting.  I got mine wicked late this year, so I didn't get to watch them all before voting, which feels unfair to those I didn't see, but of the ones I did see, there were some clear favorites. I loved How to Survive a Plague. I loved Beasts of the Southern Wild. I loved Moonrise Kingdom. I really liked John Hawkes's performance in The Sessions. I voted for each of these in one category of another. But the film that slipped in under my skin on the last night before voting? A small film about a pair of shy teenagers who want to tag the Mets apple at Shea Stadium: Gimme The Loot. It's gonna hit the theaters on March 22, and I recommend you go see it. I voted for it for best first feature.

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