Friday, March 1, 2013

I ran into Glenn Marla in a midtown subway station

Are there people in your life who you are not super close friends with, but who you have only incredibly positive feelings about? People who, when you see them, you think to yourself, "I love what this person brings into the world!" Perhaps you've never made plans to do things just the two of you, but you have hung out in groups, or in our case, in performance spaces? OK, think about all the people who you know, because I know you have these people in your life. Now. Maybe you're having a hard week but you're making the most of it and thinking a lot about I Ching (opportunity and change) and you're at that moment on your way to an event that could be a wonderful life changer, but you're afraid you're late, and you're a little scared in that anticipatory way that you are when you're on your way to something that could be a wonderful life changer, and you realize you don't have enough time to walk there, so you duck down into the subway, and it's midtown Manhattan, so you think you're in an anonymous space and don't even consider that you'll see anyone you know, and then you see this gorgeous person who you have such positive feelings about, and all of a sudden Manhattan is where you LIVE with people who you LIKE and you stop and talk and get some very real and honest time together, and then the train comes, and you get on, and you realize that they have brought you JOY by being themselves: present and warm and smart and creative and all the things you value most (and which are so often not monetized or valued in our society.) I had the incredible and joyful good fortune to run into GLENN MARLA in the subway, and they just opened my heart. (Look at this ponem! Your heart's a little wider open too, now isn't it?)

Maybe think about getting in touch with the person you thought about when I asked you to a couple minutes ago, and maybe think about letting them know what it means to you that they are in the world doing what they do and being how they live. And if someone doesn't come to mind, imagine that YOU are that person for someone else, and maybe think about telling yourself what it means that you are in the world doing what you do and being how you live. And then you get to thank yourself.

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  1. I bet a lot of people think of YOU, Jenny, and so do I.