Monday, March 25, 2013


I've been coming to Potomac for peysakh for 10 years. So has Mich Kay.  Mich and I have been friends for 4 of those years, and for one reason or another, we have never seen each other in Potomac.  We first met at a community seder in Brooklyn (that was not on one of first two nights when we would have been in Potomac) so peysakh is actually our anniversary. Well, it came to pass that Michelle and I celebrated our fourth anniversary in Potomac by taking a walk around the oddly charming US Postal Service training facility-turned conference center where Josh and I are staying this year.

There's a stained glass hall. 

Where a lady bug crawled in while we were talking. 

The fitness center is near the Office of the Postmaster General.

And of course there's a statue of Samuel Osgood, the first Postmaster, in the lobby of the hotel.

Presidents Miniature Sheets outside the doors of conference rooms.

And a rural mail delivery wagon from South Dakota on display.

All of which is completely delightful, but none as delightful as MICH KAY!

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