Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One perfect tea date

And it wasn't the tea (although that was good too) that brought the joy; it was the company. I got together with someone I've only known since early January. We met on a theater project (Ezekiel's World) and I  immediately liked him. We went on to work well together on the project, and I came to respect him while still liking him. In the middle of the project, Josh's brother died, and I invited him to shiva, and I felt like we were starting a friendship in addition to a work relationship. We haven't gotten together since Ezekiel's World had its first staged presentation, until yesterday when we got tea. I had been feeling quite down, but was looking forward to seeing him and moving forward on the project. What I didn't anticipate was that we were going to mostly talk as friends, and how much it was going to help, and how I was going to walk away from 90 minutes at Pain Quotidien feeling like doors can open, and not just close.

For those of you I have not spoken with personally about why I've been having a hard time these past 3 weeks, after the end of June, I won't be working as the Director of Performing Arts at the JCC anymore. They are making changes in how they do their arts programming, and will not longer have a dedicated person at the help of performing arts.  Please don't write to me about this in the comments of Facebook or this blog, but feel free to send me personal email. I'll be sending something out soon to help me find my next gig, but in the meantime, I will say that I'm enormously proud of the work I did there, and I am in a deep stage of reflection for what should come next. And I chose the perfect person for tea yesterday. Joy in friendship. Joy in vulnerability.

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  1. What a beautiful post. And what a lucky man person and collaborator to have you in his life (insert emoticon here).