Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's a bird... It's a plane... It's .... SUPERMAN

I love Encores. Concert presentations of long-forgotten (or partially forgotten) musicals. A beautiful hall with beautiful lobbies. A good-natured approach to the art of the musical. And a second chance to work that hasn't been heard on a NYC stage in years. In January we missed Fiorello because of Niel's death. It's also worth noting that Niel missed Fiorello as well; he had a bus ticket to NYC just to see it with his daughter, and Josh and I had dinner plans, where we planned to talk all about it. (Fiorello was a favorite musical of his and Josh's.) This is the first year I ever subscribed to Encores. I've bought single seats; I've been brought as a guest; but I have never made my own commitment to the season, which is silly since there are few things I love more than Broadway musicals, and no better chances (that I know of) to see old forgotten gems.

So the second of the season is SUPERMAN—a show I didn't know. Sure the characters were, shall we say, cartoonish and one-dimensional. But you know what else? They had conflict! Superman loves Lois, but he can't tell her, because then he'll have to reveal his true identity, and he can't do that! All in a brightly colored 1960s pop aesthetic. A total delight. Can I maybe get a new job where I work with long-forgotten musicals, and also work to develop new ones? Does that job exist out there? Can we maybe create it?

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