Monday, March 11, 2013

The Company of Women

I spent the weekend in a rare little society that values the arts: a film festival. Not unlike being at an artist residency, being at a film festival makes me remember that what I do is important, and that even though it's not valued in the greater society the way we value the work of large corporations (monetarily) it's meaningful to people, and meaningful to me.

In particular, I got to spend time with a passel of women who are some years older than I am (8-15)  and who have dedicated their careers to making, distributing, and representing film. They've been visionary, they've been successful, they've had significant failures, and they are still working in the field. I found this to be enormously encouraging, and to re-examine my own successes and failures. And at some point, I picked up one of my screenplays, and I started to revise ......

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