Saturday, March 9, 2013


Just being in Maine brings me joy. I don't even have to be anywhere particularly beautiful. Here I am waiting in line at the DMV. Joy!

Maybe the joy comes from understanding the comparison of waiting in line at the DMV in Maine vs any government bureaucracy wait in New York City? And maybe I just feel a deep cultural comfort with New England and New Englanders that brings me joy.

I've never stayed in a hotel in Maine. I am staying in a beautiful hotel room. Here's my view.

Sure, there are buildings between me and the water, but will you look at that pristine, glistening harbor? I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow's blog entry has a photo of that close up. I plan to spend a good chunk of the day out walking.

Also, family! My weekend coincides with my cousin Kenny's birthday, so I got to go out for dinner with him and his wife Gwen and her son Kyle and my uncle Steve and aunt Julie and cousin Leigh. And eat mussels. Lots of them. In a delicious coconut broth with fennel.

Also, I recently learned that there is more heme iron in mussels than there is in liver or beef, which is great news for my anemic, mussel-loving self. Speaking of which, for close readers of this blog who have noticed that I've talked a lot lately about being very worn out, it turns out I am very anemic. So anemic, in fact, that I will be getting some IV iron infusions over the next weeks, which I'm told should make a huge difference for me. Mussels are good and all, but comes a time that you have to pull out the big guns, to use a terrible military metaphor. Let's re-write that. Mussels are good and all, but comes a time that you have to use your best organic compost on your garden.

But, Maine. Just being here. Brings joy. Such a pleasure. That I am getting off the computer now to go outside into the bright Portland day. 

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