Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cropped NYC

The weather warmed up. I wore a sleeveless top. I had time in my day to take a lunch break. I walked down to Columbus Circle to get a supply of my favorite organic black fac tea that I can’t get at the Food Coop. (black fac = black facsimile = decaf black.) I made a bunch of phone calls I’ve had a hard time finding time to make lately. I soaked in the rays. I cleared my mind. I approached Columbus Circle and realized I had forgotten my wallet, and I would not be buying any tea. I headed north on Columbus, and passed Fordham University, and noticed a bunch of beautiful birch trees. I took a photo of them, and thought to myself, “What if I would take a bunch of nature photos in NYC, leaving in the urban parts of the vista. And then what if I would crop out the urban parts, and what if I would publish them in the two versions. The NYC I wish I lived in, and the NYC I actually live in. And what if there would be a way to include the sound of the city, to heighten the juxtaposition between the natural and the urban. I was lost in this thought as I walked, and suddenly saw my friend Sonia, who teaches at Fordham Law. Sonia is one of those friends who 1) brightens the world (or at least my day) with her presence, and 2) I am lucky enough to run into in this huge city. Two big Sonia hugs and a promised lunch date later, I continued on back to the office, a little lighter in my step.
OK, got that? Shall we recap some of the things that bring Jenny joy?  Time away from the office. The great outdoors. Sun on my bare limbs. Tea. Beautiful trees. New sparks of creative projects. Simultaneously appreciating and dissing NYC. Random runs-in with friends.

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