Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Funnies

Growing up, I loved to read the Funny Pages in the paper. Actually, every day until I moved to NYC, where the local rag doesn't a comics page, I would read them every day. I would start on the top left of the page and work my way down, and then back up the right of the page. Sure, I would skip over the reactionary Family Values ones (Family Circus, right?) but I was very into the other kind of family ones like For Better or For Worse, a long-running strip that chronicled the life of a family in a Toronto suburb. I loved The Boondocks when it came along, and was a faithful reader, but the one I loved the most and the longest was Doonesbury. When I moved to New York, and didn't have any comic strips in a daily paper, I lost track of Mike and Zonker and Honey and Joanie and B.D. and Kim and Mark and JJ and Rick and Sid and Duke and Phred ..... for a while. Until I realized I could read it online, which I did religiously for a while, until somehow I stopped, which I am not sure why, and then just as suddenly, on April 29, 2013, I started again, to my great joy. Here's a recent Sunday strip for your entertainment (and discomfort, which is one of many things I love so much about Gary Trudeau.)

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