Saturday, April 6, 2013

Urban foraging: Allium (chives)

It was something like 62 degrees out—truly the first day that felt completely springlike. I was working at home and I had the window open. (Shehekhianu.) Later in the day, when I went out, for the first time this year, I didn't wear a jacket. (Shehekhianu.)  I went for two walks in Prospect Park.  On the first one, I found a whole bunch of wild chives. On the second one, I schooled Josh in finding them. OK, when I say wild, I really mean that they are growing in Prospect Park, and that I don't really know how they got there. It seems pretty likely that someone seeded them originally. But by now, they've spread all over the Southwestern side of the park, clump after clump, dotting the wooded hillside, and I think we probably call them wild. Also, it's very possible that they are wild chives—allium schoenoprasum—and that I'll one day eat my words (Prospect Park is not nature) as well as a delicious chive omelet.

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