Monday, April 8, 2013

Mad Men is back

What? You think I sit around all day watching television?

Nope, I just wish I could. I'm not one of those people who "doesn't own a television" or "doesn't watch television." I am one of those people who has never seen West Wing though, because I have to limit the television that I watch, because I'm so easily sucked in, and it must have come out at a time when I was either watching something else or maybe focusing hard on something else. Because you see, I just love getting lost in story. And I love the episodic form, that allows not only for deep and long story development, but for anticipation and participation. In the week between episodes, viewers get a chance to write the story we think might happen, to re-hash and reconsider the structure that's already come.
And so it brings me great joy not only to start another season of the best episodic show of my entire career as a television watcher: Mad Men, but to follow it with so many other smart viewers with whom I get to discuss, parse, re-hash, and reconsider.


  1. While I was waiting for Mad Men last night, I stumbled on a new series on the Sundance Channel starring Mad Men's Elizabeth Moss. It's called Top of the Lake. I watched the first three episodes in a row before the premiere of Mad Men's 6th season. gack, 5 hours of tv! so good ...

  2. It's fantastic! I've been watching it too.